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Acting For Beginners

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Focuses on improvisation, characterization, and self-expression through speech, facial expression and body language. Communication, teamwork and co-operation are emphasized throughout the course.
Ages 6-8

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Film & TV Acting for Adults

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Part theory, part improvisation, part practical exercises, the course mainly focuses on the shooting of classic and contemporary film and television scenes which are then broken down and analyzed to provide the student with the basics that are essential to working imaginatively, authentically and successfully in front of a camera.  This is achieved by exploring how to break down a script, what to do before, during and after the camera rolls as well as how to find beats, objectives and transitions in a scene.

Age 18+

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Stage Acting

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StageActing1Stage Acting 1:

Emphasis on storytelling: beginning, middle and end. Role playing and improvisation to encourage self confidence in front of peers and develop concentration.
Age 9-11

StageActing2Stage Acting 2:

Emphasis on character development through improvisation such as storytelling. Students will develop their own play through improvisation and theatre games.
Ages 12-14

StageActing3Stage Acting 3:

Emphasis on scene study and character development. Working with plays from the classic and contemporary playwrights.
Ages 15-17


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Film and TV Acting

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Film & TV Acting I, II & III: The film programs are intended for film and TV actors, from beginner to advanced to participate in a workshop environment with their peers. They provide an opportunity to keep skills fresh between auditions, by focusing on cold reading and scene fundamentals. All classes are in rehearsal/tape/playback format and strive to bring energy, spontaneity and realism to both the audition and moment of the scene.




Film Acting I

Film Acting II

Film Acting III

Ages 9-11

Ages 12-14

Ages 15-17


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Stage Acting for Adults

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AdultThis class is open to all levels from beginner to advanced. We focus on fundamentals applicable primarily for the Stage. You will participate in a fun workshop environment that includes scene work, monologues and improvisation. This Class is taught by Yo Mustafa.

Age 18+


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