WEST makes Ontario Arts Reviews' Top 10 list of 2012

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We are very pleased to announce that WEST's presentation of "The Crucible" was selected to be on Ontario Arts Reviews' Top 10 list of 2012.

“THE CRUCIBLE”  Miller’s powerful anti-McCarthyism re-tell paraphrasing the 18th c. Eastern U.S. witch trials is a demanding work. There can be no crew slips, no weak cast performances and incisive directorial focus. Yo Mustafa is an accomplished actor and teacher, but his supervision is theatre that is as professional as it gets. His ability to exhort such elevated performances from the numerous young members of the cast as well as his (probably) more difficult-to-manage highly practised portrayers must have been a stress-inducer, par excellence! This W.E.S.T. offering was the equal of the SHAW Festival submission of a few years ago.


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