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Congratulations on “The Dining Room” which I saw on Saturday evening. A great job on everyone’s part to bring so many characters to life. I now spend most of my year away from Oakville but when I’m here over the winter I always make sure to attend the West End Studio Theatre productions. Over the last 17 years your plays have been wonderfully directed and played and I look forward to seeing many more including your next upcoming production.

I hadn’t realized what a nifty script that is until I got a sense of how the episodes were always drawing us further into the room filling it up with all those different slices of human emotion and experience. I loved the staging of the last few scenes. The cast were great and I loved how they all completely inhabited those radically different characters.

Last night I saw a lovely script beautifully performed. Thank you!

We were truly overwhelmed by the slick professional direction of this play. The characters were perfectly cast; their rendition of the plethora of characters they played was beyond superb. Our eyes remained brimming with tears of laughter or deeply touched by the poignant moments of the passage of time. Your direction brought the story to life and deeply touched us.

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