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A great way to learn...

I've been at West End Studio Theater for about 6 years now and I have learned so much. I do the classes during the school year and the camp in the summer. The class are all about learning a piece and performing it in a safe space. It is important for any actor to practice performing in safe and accepting space. I've learned many acting skills at that class. The summer camp is a huge learning experience. We, the campers make our own play with an overall theme. It is a great way to learn how to work with people of different personality and talents. I have made incredible friends and amazing memories there. This summer I was a volunteer at the summer camp. It was a great leadership experience and a good way to get all my hours. For the first half of the day I worked with some kids 7 years or younger. I learned how to work with young kids while it not being to overwhelming. Then the second half I worked with the kids on their play.  There was a lot of leadership involved in that too. Overall West End Studio Theater is a great place to improve your acting skills and make amazing friends and they won’t want to hear. I’m often faced with conflicting emotions, caught between my heart and my logic. memories.

This experience changed my life...

My name is Mike Hannon and I’m a 38 year old father of 2. Career wise, I’m currently a Franchise Business Consultant with KFC Canada. I work with franchise operators across the country, helping them to run better businesses and I love what I do. That being said, it’s not always easy. I have to have very tough conversations, sometimes telling people what I know they won’t want to hear. I’m often faced with conflicting emotions, caught between my heart and my logic.

Over time, I worked my way through many positions to get to where I am today. People often ask me questions like “what school did you go to?” or “how did you get to where you are?” While education and experience were obviously important to my growth, I also had a secret weapon. Growing up I was very sensitive, something my 4 year old son Clark shares with both me and my wife Vanessa. I was never the one to try out for the football team or put my hand up first in class. My mother realized this and decided to enrol me in the summer drama camp at South Common Community Centre, which was taught by Yo Mustafa. Little did I know that this experience, which began when I was about 6 years old, would change my life.

Yo’s passion for theatre, self expression and inclusiveness had me immediately hooked. His class led to a passion for drama that has continued throughout my life. It’s no surprise then that I still remember my drama teachers’ names from my school years while the others have faded away. They, like Yo, left a lasting impression Throughout high school I excelled in the drama program - winning awards and eventually standing in front of a packed cafeteria performing a monologue while playing the role of Eugene Jerome in the Brighton Beach Memoirs. It wasn’t the awards or the performances that changed my life, though. It was the confidence that I gained through the experiences themselves. Being exposed to people like Yo taught me that everyone makes a difference and that it’s ok to just be who you are. This is what I believe has made the most lasting impact.

It’s no secret that Yo is one of a kind. If you’ve met him you’ll know this. I was sitting in a Starbucks the other day doing some work and I heard a voice that was instantly recognizable - it was Yo. When I saw his face a flood of happy memories washed over me and I felt like I might cry. It was so nice to see him and to know that he’s continued to influence so many others through his passion for theatre. So in closing, thank you Yo. I sincerely hope that in a few years, my sons Clark and Harrison can join in one of your summer drama camps and have the same wonderful experiences I did.

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WEST is a family...

West End Studio Theater. Wow!  Its hard to describe WEST as anything else but a family. For the past four years I have been so extremely lucky to attended WEST as both a camper and volunteer. Each year that I have attended has been a journey. With all the exciting things that it has to offer, and the friendships I have made WEST has and always will have a special place in my heart. I love WEST and would absolutely recommend it to anyone, young and older. I have had some of the best summers of my life at WEST and will miss it so much. Thanks to WEST’s brilliant director and workers, each day was a new adventure. WEST’s doors open so many different people to acting. WEST doesn’t just teach acting but also shows kids to adults’ confidence in both their lives and in acting.  West end studio theater, more than just acting. West Is a family where anyone can join, and I am so happy I could be apart of it.

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