Audition Notice - Inspector Hound & Black Comedy

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FRIDAY,  November 3, 2017 --- 6 - 9 pm
saturday, November 4, 2017 --- 1 - 4 pm

The Real Inspector Hound follows the story of two theatre critics, Moon and Birdboot, as they attend a play in London. Simultaneously, we trace the narrative arc of the theatre critics and the narrative arc of the murder mystery play that they are assigned to review. By the end of the play, the two narratives become entangled and are nearly impossible to separate. The murder mystery — the play-within-a-play — is set at Muldoon Manor. Nearby, a madman is on the loose, there’s a storm on the horizon and the police, led byInspector Hound, who is desperately trying to arrive in time, to thwart the killer’s evil plan.
Directed by Jeff Morrison
Characters - The Real Inspector Hound
Moon - A second string theatre critic
Birdboot - A seasoned veteran theatre critic
Mrs. Drudge - Muldoon manor’s mysterious maid
Simon Gascoin - A dashing stranger
Felicity - A Young and beautiful visitor
Cynthia Muldoon - The beautiful widow and owner of Muldoon Manor
Major Agnus Muldoon - The crippled brother of Cynthia’s husband Albert
Inspector Hound - A confused yet motivated police detective

Black Comedy tells the story of Brindly Miller, a lovesick and desperate up-and-coming sculptor, who has furnished his apartment with the objects and furniture “borrowed” from the absent antique art dealer who lives across the hall. He hopes to impress the dealer who can make his career as well as his fiancée’s pompous father who has yet to give his blessings. The fussy neighbour, Harold Gorringe returns home just as a storm has knocked out the power to the building. Unexpected guests, aging spinsters, errant phone cords and an ex-girlfriend impede Brindley’s frantic attempts to return the furniture, make the sale, and impress his future father-in-law before the lights return.




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